How would a 31% increase in Sales impact your Business?

Transcends Other Sales Training

This 13 Week Sales Course combines these critical sales skills with a powerful support system!

1.  Client-focused sales skills                2.  Personal growth

3.  Increased inner belief boundaries     4.  Successful self-coaching

5.  Goal achievement                             6.  Communication skills

7.  Activity management                        8.  Motivational Intelligence

9.  Emotional Control                             10.  Re-defines selling   

In reality, most so-called “Sales Training” fails to Increase sales.  Why?

  • Because no actual behavior change can be created in one or two day seminars or passive online information sessions.
  • Sales can’t increase until behaviors change.
  • Most sales strategies being taught today cause mental and emotional conflicts within salespeople that cripples their ability to sell at higher levels.
  • Most salespeople don’t feel comfortable doing the techniques and strategies they are taught.

Join us to discover new discoveries that will have a profound impact on your sales abilities!

Profiles Sales Assessment™

The Profiles Sales Assessment™ (PSA) measures how well a person fits specific sales jobs in your organization. It is used primarily for selecting, on-boarding and managing sales people and account managers.

Profiles Sales CheckPoint™

The Sales CheckPoint™ is just the tool to help sales leaders identify critical gaps in sales skill set, expectations, and performance…quickly and easily, allowing the sales leader to allocate their most precious of resources (time) to strengthening their sales force and achieving goals.



Testimonials – Wausau, WI 2014

“I can’t say enough how grateful I am for all that this course has done for me. My confidence has grown so much in the last few months and my sales are reflecting that new confidence. This course has had a HUGE impact on my sales! In the first month of the course, I doubled my average monthly sales. My sales have grown to over 200% of my average sales prior to taking the course and I am consistently setting my goals higher and higher."

Ben, Implement Sales, Mosinee, WI

“This course will transform the way you interact with your clients and others around you. Each week you will focus on a specific step, engage with your class participants, reflect on your actions and accomplishments, and learn from others experiences. While most sales courses focus on just the customer, this course brings it full circle to help you understand your inner strengths, beliefs, and motivations in order to be successful. I was so impressed with the materials and tools to support our learning. There is so much support outside of the classroom time to help you succeed. The following resources were so helpful in my growth through this course: weekly audios, workbooks, goal planners, sales sheets, personality sheets, and classmates to encourage and support each other in meeting weekly goals. I am more confident and comfortable in my sales interactions and more focused on setting and meeting my goals both personally and professionally.”

Toni, Office Technology Sales, Wausau, WI

"I would describe this course as ….. “Life Changing. This course has helped me both in my personal life and in my professional life. It has given me a new perspective on how I view my job and my life in a very positive way. The number of contacts I make each week has increased, as well as the purpose of those contacts. I expect to increase my sales by 100% next year.”

Carl, Printing Sales, Wausau, WI

“This class has been amazing for me in many ways and has come at a great time (10 years ago would have been even better) to help teach an old dog new ways. After not being in a class room for 35 years I was not sure what to expect, but I am thoroughly enjoying it!”

Greg, Graphics Sales, Mosinee, WI

“Wonderful sales system that within the 13 weeks, you get the opportunity to apply what you know and practice what you learn. Go from Knowing to Doing!”

John, Insurance Sales, Wausau, WI

What Others Had to Say about Ron Willingham's Authentic Salesperson Course.....

“Our specialists who enrolled in your course enjoyed 57% sales increase over the previous year. The ones who didn’t take it had a 10% decline over the previous year.”

Roy E. Taylor, III, CEO, Taylor Insurance Services, Valdosta

“After fully implementing your course 20 years ago, we soon enjoyed a 35% increase in sales, and 50% greater agent retention. Because of its depth, I believe your new The Authentic Salesperson Course will cause even greater increases than these.”

Mike Niedert, Managing Director, Principal Financial Group

“Your courses, unlike any others, enable participants to discover a higher purpose and motivation to succeed in our business and to fully embrace sales as a Noble Profession. We have seen sales increase significantly among both veteran financial representatives and ones in the business less than five years.”

Steven Ferrara, CLU, CEO, Northeast Planning Corporation, Newark

“Since 1992 your courses have helped our clients enjoy typical sales increases of 25%. I believe the new The Authentic Salesperson Course is much deeper than your older ones, and will cause even greater increases as it truly reaches the why people sell.”

Megan Brice, Managing Director, Asia-Pacific, Auckland

“I have experienced significant changes in my personal and professional life since taking your course. I have greater confidence in my ability to help my clients, and my sales are up 79%."

Tom Forsythe, CLTC, Tucson

"Your new The Authentic Salesperson Course is grounded in solid psychology, and has the structure, values, and interactive dynamics to achieve actual sales increases that no other sales training can match."

Price Pritchett, Ph.D., Pritchett & Associates, Dallas

"I have known Ron Willingham for many years. The depth of his knowledge of the sales process and clear understanding of what makes a successful salesperson is greater than that of anyone I know.”

Barry Griswell, CEO Retired, Principal Financial Group, Des Moines